• Hello,

    I just connected a grandMA3 Compact to a sACN Hippotizer. The network is unstable and very slow?

    Does anyone have any idea of the problem?

    Thank you


  • Consistent latency? If you connect a computer running sACNview directly to the back of the console (without any switch or other networking equipment between), do you see the same latency?

  • Yes, I think maybe Yu first test if there is any other problem on the net - maybe you first try to ping the Hippo machine via a normal network PC or bring the two machines together a s near as possible to check if there is a connection problem - sometimes a simple cable problem can be the reason as well...

    But first the easiest thing would be to test if you can reach the Hippo via the "normal" network with a ping (the response time might give you more conclusion if there are latencies - maybe you compare to a "selfping" to have a reference...).

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