position from phaser

  • Hello everyone,

    Is it in grandma 3 still possible to store positions out of effect/phasers as we did in grandma2?

    In grandma2 we stopped our effect with the speedmaster, selected the fixtures, select "all for selected" when holding store and then we stored our possition out of our effect, is their a possible way to store the possitions out of phasers in grandma 3?

    thanks in advance!

  • This approach works for me:

    1. Start your multistep dynamic phaser
    2. Select Fixtures
    3. Select Position
    4. Select Speed layer
    5. Make sure that Link Phaser = Feature, to affect both pan&tilt
    6. Make the phaser a static multistep by setting Speed to 0,
    7. Select Phase layer
    8. Turn encoder to shift phase-offsets to the desired point in the cycle,
    9. Store as a new preset.

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