Recipe with absolute and relative position

  • Hi,

    The position in my recipe doesn't work as I would expect. I have created a recipe with two recipes lines:

    line1: spots absolute position

    line2: spots relative circle

    The spots doesn't move around the absolute position. Am I missing something?

  • Yes it works when the relative position and absolute position are played from seperate exectutors.

    The relative circle is a selective preset, but I learned that position present used to be selective?

    I have no idea why it doesn't work together in a recipe.

  • With the current version (1.4) , it is not possible for an attribute to reference two different presets at the same time. (from within the same storage container, i.e. a preset or cuepart)

    However, if you enable the cue-property "AllowDuplicates", which enables you to store the same attribute in multiple cue parts (storage containers), then you can work around this limitation of one reference, by creating one part & recipeline with your absolute position preset, and another cuepart & recipeline with your relative circle preset, and thereby effectively create a cue which references (and plays back) both your absolute position preset and your relative circle preset at once.

  • AllowDuplicates = AllowDuplicatesToBeStored

    This mode is only taken into consideration in the actual store-process, to determine if store-content should automatically be removed from other parts or not.

    Merely switching this mode On (or Off) will not alter the content of any parts nor the output/playback of the cue.

  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks that is a very in depth explanation, much appreciated. I now understand why it doesn't work.

    Just one thing, could you confirm the following:

    I have not stored the recipes into a sequence yet. I'm still learning to create nice looks.

    Because AllowDuplicates is a cue setting in a sequence I'm not able to fix it in the recipe as far of this version right?

  • you are not able to fix it inside a preset recipe.

    you can still use the recipe-concept, but create one recipeline inside each cue-part, instead of creating two recipelines inside one preset