• Could you be inverting the filter pool selection?

    I just double checked and if I make an AtFilter with only the Gobo Feature Group selected:

    The At Key blinks and the At Command Overlay button turns yellow. Then storing to an all pool it works as expected only storing Gobo Data (if there is data to be stored). The At Filter stays active until you ClearAll.

    If I store a Filter Pool item that includes the same Gobo Feature Group and store it as All Pool 21s Input filter then anything I store in preset 21.* only includes Gobo Features Group data.

    If I assign the Gobo Pool Filter to the Fixture Sheet -> Mask > Filter the fixture sheet only shows Gobo Data.

    Seems to all work as expected.

  • To be honest I'm not sure:

    Some shots in the dark:

    • What Version are you using?
    • Does it work as the Admin user?
    • Does it work in a new show?
    • I assume you can store without the Filter?
    • Does the issue only happen with Gobo Filters?

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