Dimming down Preset

  • Hello Forum,

    I want to create a dimmer-preset to dim down the fixtures in 6 seconds but it dont work.

    i select a fixture set the dimmer to 0, set the fadetime to 6 seconds and store it as dimmerpreset.

    I select the fixture an set it to full. Now i select the dimmerpreset and the fixture immediately switch off, dont dim down in 6 seconds.

    what made i wrong?

  • Hi guenter,

    there is a bug currently that switches to default values before using the individual timings. This will be solved most presumably in the next software version.

    So everything you did is correct, but not the software in this case :)

  • Wow, that was fast! Thank you!

    For an theater like show i want to switch between presets.

    How do i get fade from the previous preset dimmervalue to the new dimmervalue when i dont know the previous value?

  • You can try to work with the ProgramSpeed Master.
    So you set the fade time using the ProgramSpeed Master and it will be used for everything which happens in the programmer - so calling presets as well.

    Then you can also use your "normal" presets without an individual timing.

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