Using 2 Midi Controllers With Dot2

  • Hello there.

    I just brought an APC mini and I have my launchpad mini which I've had for some time. I used to use my launchpad mini with dot2 without any translation software but now that I have my APC, I need to make it so dot2 can use both controllers at once.

    I've got the APC working with bomes midi translator (original) and loopmidi but now i can't find a way to use my lanchpad.

    Is there anyway to get around this?

  • BOME is really complicated to setup, in my opinion.

    That was one of many reasons why i have developed BOMAC.

    The free edition of BOMAC supports up to two controllers. Downside you can use only 14 faders/buttons in total.

    But that is enough to test your setup with it. When it is working, you could consider to buy it. It is not expensive, it's about 50€ excl. TAX.

    Here is a video about setup BOMAC mit dot2:

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  • if i buy it does that give me the option to have as many faders and buttons as i want?

  • for "as you want" i can only say: NO.

    This is a bit more complicated. There are many things playing together.


    BOMAC does not support multiple controllers which show up in windows under the same name.

    Long answer:

    With your planed using launchpad and apc you should have no problems.

    The license code you will get after buying sets the internal limit from

    2 devices and 14 events


    65536 devices and 65536 events

    But: because BOMAC support only 8 universes of Art-Net this will limit you in about 4096 events (depends on your mappings).

    Midi has also a limited amount of channels and notes/cc etc.

    When you are using USB-midi devices bomac connects each by each - the midi channel limitations counts per device

    I guess windows/hardware/usb has also limits connecting devices.

    I have tested BOMAC with 3 Controller and about 200 events (buttons/faders) in total.

    I also was not able to map more than 200 event, because my controllers do not have so many buttons.

    Short answer:

    Should work - i don't know anybody which ever run in any limit/problem according to the licensing.

  • UPDATE: So I generally use 2 devices during a show. If its at home then I have my PC and laptop together in session. If I'm at a gig then I have 2 laptops in session. I discovered that I can plug the APC into one of the devices and my launchpad into the other device and then I can have them both working at the same time. Its only 1 midi device per computer, not session.

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