Phase in phaser editor

  • ?Hi

    In the phaser editor, predefined phases seem to act on x and y axis at the same time.

    Is it possible to get a phase on x and another one in y ?

    Without going through matricks ?

    And what about the value shown in the phase encoder ? It means nothing.

    ie : a simple dimmer phaser on/off, applied to a grid.

    Phase at 360 in the phaser editor : phases are going through x an y, in my encoder calculator : phase = 0 thru 585 ! Which means nothing for me and is not reality.

    And if i change phase in matricks pool, it's worst.

    Where is the logical thing ? Where is link between all these different phases ?

    More : if i create my phaser with ie dimmer, set a matricks with phases, then i go to phaser editor and use the 360 phase button, how can i recover my matricks set ?


  • The Phase 360 button in the Phaser Editor Window is most useful for quick even distribution to single-axis selections, as these Phase buttons currently applies to all axis, to work as expected both if your single-axis selection is stacked in the x-axis OR in the y (or z) axis.

    While maybe not desirable, individual phase-values ranging from 0 thru 585 is a plausible result, given the current functionality of the 360 button.

    Assuming your multi-axis selection grid has a size of 8 by 4:

    360/8 = 45 in phase-offset per cell on first axis

    360/4 = 90 in phase-offset per cell on second axis

    first fixture at [0,0] = 0*45 + 0*90 = 0

    last fixture at [7,3] = 7*45 + 3*90 = 585

    Until the Phase buttons in the Editor Window gets an axis-selector or an axis-filter, I recommend using either of the following methods to apply phase when dealing with multi-axis selections:

    To distribute phase in the X-axis only, you can use the Attribute Encoder/Calculator (Layer=Phase)

    To distribute phase with specific ranges on one or more specific axis, you can use the MAtricks window.


    you can reapply the settings from the MAtricks window by altering any of its properties

    e.g. turning z-invert on and off again

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