Phase position on a master

  • Is, or will there be a way, to attach direct phase position as a master, so that it kind of works like a temp for cue timing?

    For example I can create a cue with Fade/Delay Timing and assign the temp master to transition between the beginning and the end of the cue timing as you would expect. Applying a temp to a phaser has the effect of multiplying the fixture values with the master level 0 and 1 (which is nice on it's own). It would be nice to be able to create a phaser then assign a master that directly controls the phase position from start to end.

  • AllowDuplicates and Morph could get you close:

    Store a cue with your phasereffect with the desired start values

    enable the cue-property AllowDuplicates

    Store a second part with the same phasereffect with the desired end values

    enable the part-property Morph

    adjust cuedelay and cuefade of each part, to map transition to segments of Tempfader

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