Fixture in visualizer put out black light when adding strobe in GDTF

  • Hi,

    To control my less known fixtures I'm creating GDTF files using the online GDTF builder.

    I have a version that is working fine, it has all the dimmer, position and color attributes.

    Now I tried to improve the GDTF file and added the strobe functionally.

    On my fixture when dmx is 0 the strobe is off, from around 1 to 255 the strobe frequence increases.

    In GDTF I created this using the Shutter(n)Strobe attribue.

    When I import the updated GDFT file with only one attribute changed. The fixture in the visualizer becomes really buggy.

    Sometimes it works for a couple of seconds but then the light turn black and does not react anymore on the color changes.

    Secondly I don't know how to configure in GDTF that on dmx=0 the strobe is off so it should ouput light constant.

    Here an image of what it looks like in the visualizer (Using version

    On the right the working GDTF files, on the left the updated one with a strobe:

    Here an image of how I configured the strobe in the GDTF builder:

    If it helps I can also post the GDTF files, or if you need to know more let me know.


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