• The delete step # command says not implemented but you can use the phaser window and select the - icon on the left (Delete Point) and select the step you want to delete from the 2d or 3d layout.

    Once you delete the second step it will disappear from the phaser window (since it's no longer a phaser) but you should be left with a value in the programmer representing the remaining step.

  • Thank you for your reply

    So if i start to program a multi step preset with mixcolor, then change my mind and want to keep only my first color, i need to open a phaser window, go to layer 1D or 2D, choose - in the menu and delete point in each colorrgb attribute, one by one ! It's a long way.



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  • Thx Ryan

    And how can i modify dynamic preset ?

    ie : I have a 10 steps preset and i want to delete step 6 ?

    Do i have to open phaser editor, search for my step 6, delete it, with my finger on the screen ? This is not so easy and time consuming.

  • 1. You need somehow to tell the console that you want to address step 6. I suggest using either of these methods:

    • Step-Layout in the Phaser Editor Window, and select the line with the number 6 in the step-column
    • StepBar Window, and press the button with the label "6"
    • StepSelector in the encoderbar, use the up/down arrow, or press the number-field and enter 6
    • Commandline: Step 6
    • Hardkeys [MA]&[X5][6][Please]

    2. Remove the selected step by pressing the Scissor-Icon with your finger on the screen in the Step-Layout of the Phaser Editor Window,
    You might find it helpful to have a Phaser Editor Window with Step-Layout open when working with Phaser-steps.
    Alternatively execute the syntax Delete Programmer by typing d pro into the commandline-entry-field followed by Enter, or input the syntax via the following hardkeys [Delete] [MA]&[Cue] [Please]

    You could also use the syntax you see generated by pressing the Scissor-Icon button in the commandline-history: Cut Programmer

    The command will remove selected step(s) for the current selection from your programmer

    You may filter the Delete command with the If keyword if you have other things in the programmer for your current selection e.g. Delete Programmer If FeatureGroup "Color"

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