"Fixture at Fixture " error

  • In version I've found a strange behaviour by cloning fixture's attributes, when they are referred to presets, using "fixture x at fixture y" or the clone keyword.

    Example I have a cue where:

    fixt 2 thru 4 are in Pset1 (all attributes),

    fixt 5 thru 8 are in Pset 2 (all attributes),

    fixt 9+10 are stored without presets.

    fixt 1 has some attributes in Pset1 and some out of preset.

    Psets 1 and 2 have all attributes for fixture 1thru 8.

    I need to have fixt 6 same as fixt 1 so

    "Fixture 6 at fixture 1" cloning mode Overwrite.

    What happens??????

    It copies the preset link for all attributes of both fixtures!!! (also pan,tilt, rgbw that were not linked to a preset)

    It happens also if I "clone fixt 1 at fixt 6".


    I dont know why, it also activates all attributes of source fixture in the programmer???

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  • Fixture At Fixture including the Preset references is expected (and worked exactly the same in grandMA2 by the way). "Extract" is the way to do this, except that Extract is not fully implemented yet - currently it only works when calling presets (e.g. "Extract Preset 4.2" instead of "At Preset 4.2").

    Source values activating is a bug.

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