DOT2 Feature request

  • A "timeline" based graphical interface would be extremely helpful in programming shows, chases and effects across multiple fixtures and fixture groups.

    To be able to select a group of fixtures, set up effects/colours/etc . . . and then to use a track based timeline UI to offset the effects/colours/etc per fixture would be an incredible addition to the console.

    As a video/commercial/visual effects artist & editor for 30 years, this is the way a non-linear device becomes a great tool - and I firmly believe that this would bring the dot2 to another level.

    Christopher Palazini
    Co-Technical Director / Lighting Director
    Black Rock Church, Fairfield, CT

  • No, it won't. Lighting control and programming is modeled after live stage/theatre performances for a reason.
    Lighting cues are counterparts of cues in theatre plays.
    I think you can see difference between theatre and cinema.

    You might be used to nonlinear timeline interface, but it's not so great or efficient for stage lighting in general.
    You'll see eventually, that even multimedia in stage/theatre applications are usually not used in timeline manner.

    Of course there are cases, when you need to have all synced, etc in timeline layout, and grandMA2 has timecode show programming, where you attach "events" in timeline interface, and internal or remote timecode source.

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