• A Phaser is just a preset so you could use the Import and Export Keywords

    For example To export all the Dimmer presets to the Drive 2:

    Select drive 2; Export Preset 1.1 thru "My_Dimmer_Presets"

    To import them back Starting at 1.11

    Select drive 2; Import preset 1.11 "My_Dimmer_Presets"

    The above would make a file on Drive 2 (in my case my usb stick) with in the with the filename \grandMA3\shared\resource\lib_presets\My_Dimmer_Presets.xml

    You can get a listing of the current drives and their index with List Drive

    This above method would only export presets that exits. If you wanted the presets to include gaps Andras just posted something that I think works in a similar way:

    Export DataPool "Default"."PresetPools"."Dimmer" "All_Dimmer_Presets"

  • This is so very thorough and clear. I feel like a lead magnet pro now that I’ve read this. Great work!!