Export Macropool

  • Hi all,

    To move macropool between showfiles in MA2 we could export the macropool using 'Export Root "macros".1 "mymacropool" /o" and then 'Import "mymacropool" At Root "macros".1'. This way the relative position of each macro would be respected in the new showfile.

    In MA3 I can export the macropool using 'Export "ShowData"."DataPools".Default"."Macros" "MyMacropool" and the file is exported correctly but it seems to lack the macro numbering. When I import macropool using 'Import "MyMacropool" at root "ShowData"."DataPools"."Default"."Macros"' the console returns Illegal object...

    Am I missing something here or this is not yet implemented?


  • your exported xml doesn't contain numbering, however it does contain <NullChild /> elements to preserve spacing

    try this:

    1. Export [source-object] "filename":

    Export DataPool "Default"."Macros" "mymacropool.xml" /o

    2. make sure that destination object is empty (remove existing children)

    Delete DataPool "Default"."Macros".*


    Delete Macro Thru 


    3. Import [destination-object] "filename":

    Import DataPool "Default"."Macros" "mymacropool.xml" /nc