Trouble with MVR and images

  • Hey all!

    Ok, so I just exported my first MVR file from Vectorworks and put it in the grandMA3 folder Shared>Resource>lib_mvr but when I go into MA3, go into the patch and try to load it in, it's not showing up. I'm having a similar issue trying to import an image. I put the Image in Shared>Resource>lib_images but it still doesn't show up when I try to import it into an appearance in MA3. So that makes me wonder if MA3 isn't syncing to the grandMA3 folder on my desktop... any ideas? Thx

  • Which version are you running?

    Was the path before "Shared>Resource>lib_mvr" refecting the first three digits of this version number?

    In the import dialog, is the button at the top right set to internal or to a USB drive?

    Did you import the image to the image pool before you tried to use it in an appearance?

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