Function Off Preset global / Selective issue

  • Hello.

    I have noticed a issue in ONPC version I am not sure if i have misunderstood a syntax or if this is a bug.

    1 I have created one simple DIM PASER.

    2 this phaser saves a selective preset and then i save a copy of this phaser it to another preset but as a global preset.

    3 if i now "OFF" these presets when its active i notice a difference between them.

    4 The selective preset works as expecting. And as the same way in MA2

    5 But if do the same syntax with the global preset i get som strange behaviours.

    Example: sometimes i can't OFF that preset at all.

    Sometimes it leaves one fixture in the group "behind" and it's still active / dedicated to that preset.

    6 This seams not logic to me.. But i have to admit that i have not tested this difference in MA2 so therefore i am little bit

    unsure what to expect with global rules / behaviours.

    Any Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance


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