Relative phaser chase not working as expected (and potential bug)

  • Hey,

    I was trying to create a relative chaser effect using the phaser on the color wheel channel. What I am trying to do is to have a chase which decreases the channel (by 10 of 255) to change the color and then back to the current. The probem is that when using relative values the channel is either changed too much or too less so that colors are skipped or nothing happens at all.

    Also trying to enter the relative value as Decimal8 does not work and results in weird behaviour where eg. inputting -8 results in an absolute value of 0 and inputting anyhting +x (x being variable) the value gets set to absolute 219, which is not expected.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Select light group

    2. Set ProgrammingLayer to Relative

    3. Enter a relative value -10

    4. Select next step

    5. Enter a relative value +0

    6. Store on executor

    Maybe I am doing something wrong or this can be achieved totally differently, but I know on grandMA2 this worked flawlessly. Also I am using grandMA3 onPC (but thought this was a general question).

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