All saved show files are empty

  • Hello everyone!

    I created a show file a couple of days ago. Stored everything I needed and saved it. Than I ran this show on another pc next day. I made some changes and made a backup copy couple of times on an internal drive and an external flash drive. I shut it down and run it again after sometime at the same day. Everything worked fine.

    But the next day I tried to run this show on my computer and the show file opened full empty, as well as all backup files from previous day. It`s the same on another pc. But my first show file opened fine. Who can help to understand what happened and why? I used GrandMA3onPC v1.4.0.2.

    Because now I have to do a lot of changes again.

  • You are right. I didn`t notice that.

    I updated software on my pc and now everything works just fine.

    Thank you for fast response. And sorry for disturbance.

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