Syntax attributes with channels?

  • Someone?

    I want to make some shutter presets as default. But shutter has different channels like strobe, random strobe, pulse etc.

    So what's the best way? I thought:

    Attribute "Shutter1Strobe" AT 100

    But apparently that doesn't work..

  • Feels like it's either not implemented yet or a bug.

    For a Diablo the root channelset allows values between 0 - 20 (Decimal8). So entering Attribute "Shutter1" At 100 gets you a dmx value of 20.

    However, here is a somewhat broken workaround depending on what you need it for; If you change the mode to Decimal8 it seems you can escape the channel function.

    For example:

    Attribute "Shutter1" at Absolute Decimal8 255 sets the value to 255 even though we are affecting the incorrect set.

    This will probably cause issues since the channel set does not change, meaning if you touch the wheel you end up at the top of the valid range, in this case 20.

    Also you need to specify the Layer, or it doesn't work.

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