Speedmaster with phaser as target.

  • Hello.

    Yesterday i was trying to create a phaser which speed was controlled by a speedmaster.

    And no matter how i tried i couldn't find where to choose "target from", as you did in ma2.

    Is there someting according to the concept which i have missed do you think?

    This is very central for me when busking a show.

    Thanks in advance


  • Aha. Thank you for quick reply.

    As i understand you can't activate a phaser-preset in the programmer controlled from a speedmaster then.

    In ma2 you could activate an effect with speedmaster controlled in the programmer.

    Then you could Stomp this effect "on the fly".

    It's hard to say if this is a dealbreaker as this early state. I have to test this.

    But i guess you will have to do an extra procedure compare to ma2.

    Ex: you will have to create a sequence on a playback to make it work compared to just activate a preset in the programmer.

    Is there any other thoughts to this subject in the forum?

  • Not sure if this would help but in the Master Controls there is a Program Speed Adjustment that you can use. it would be global for the programmer but might help.

  • Thanks for followups. This did actually solve my problem. I still miss the old way to targeting the speedmasters.

    But i think this a good way to start.

    Maybe there can be a new issue if you want 2 different speedmasters working in programmer.

    But maybe I do not go that far. Let's see what the future says.

  • It`s now working! You must specify your speedmaster in the sequence options (edit setting -> Speed -> Speed Master), and (optionality) restart the executor. Now the dynamic presets inside sequence will respond to your speedmaster.


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