Stomp Phaser with different Executor

  • Hi Gang,

    I finally made it to the ma3 world. Working on a very basic busking-show I stumbled across the following problem:

    I have a "base"color (let's say it's blue) playing back from a sequence.

    On top I have a 2-step-color-phaser - absolute values coming from 2 colorpresets - (let's say red and amber). This one is played back from a different executor with a temp fader and on a higher priority than the blue base-color. So far so good. Everything's working as expected and I can bump the colorphaser on top of the base look.

    Now I need to stomp this color phaser temporarily with a third, different button executor. But stomping the color and storing it to the exec just gives me the first step of my color phaser (red) instead of the blue baselook, which is what I want. I understand that's kind of conceptually the right behavior but how can I achive what I want?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards
    monster :)  

  • I'm in the same situation. When I stomp any parameter some asbolute values stay in the programer and are stored together with the stomp in the seq. I tried to remove this off, release, remove... But it also removed the stomp. What am i missing? :/

  • Hi both,
    so in general as you said this is quite expected behaviour. Stomp deletes all steps >1 and goes back to the absolute value of step 1.

    What you need in this case is a third executor which has the blue again and is at the same (or higher) priority as your sequence with the phaser running. Then it would automatically stomp the running color phaser and would playback the blue.

    But you could do the same with your basic look sequence of course. Have it at the same priority and the LTP behaviour takes care that you run the color phaser and when you press the basic look executor it will be automatically stomped and sets the fixtures to blue....

    Hope that helps....

  • Hi Daniel.

    An important part in my busking showfile is to have stomps for attributes like movements or color phasers for some types of fixtures, but personally i don't like to reload my current cue in my main secuence. Probably i made some changes on it. In this situation, what should I do for stomp fixtures and preserve the position/color for the current cue?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hey Felipe,

    in general we have different possibilities here:

    - You can use Stomp to go back to your step 1 and combine it with a direct absolute value.

    - You can use Stomp to go back to your step 1 and combine it with a Release value - so when your position should come from a different executor.

    What is the issue at the moment is the combination of absolute and relative within one sequence. So currently we always recommend to work with absolute values and relative changes in different sequences. But we will see a lot of improvements of this behaviour in the next version.

    Sorry for having not the best solution right now, but we are working on it.

  • Hi Daniel,

    thanks for your reply! As Felipe said this unfortunately doesn't really help. My goal is to have a Stomp-All-Executer that I can temporally bring in - stomping all color-, dimmer- and positionphasers that are currently running. In a busking scenario these may come from different places in the showfile.

    Would love to have a solution for that since it would have been a pretty easy task to achive in ma2.

    Nevertheless - keep up the great work!

    Kind regards

  • off the top of my head (and not on a desk to try it) what about a "release" cue that is the temp triggered button? i do thinks totally differently but i use release more then i do stomp in most of those situations and how i do things seems to help.... maybe from that angle?

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