Some questions about 3d

  • Hello!

    Question 1) Is there a way to put camera controls on the encoders?

    I want to create a few of my own positions in 3d view (mainly because I have drapes in my show file that completely obscure the default positions).
    I know I can use the touch screen to move the camera and store/update a camera position, but that's quite fiddly, and the "edit camera position" tile just opens up the calculator.

    Do I need to create a camera fixture like I did in MA2? Is that possible yet? I couldn't find anything appropriate in the patch. This brings up another question, Is it possible to store camera positions into sequences/cues?

    Question 2) Is it fair to assume that more 3d assets from MA2-3D will eventually migrate into MA3? I've just been building my venue and I can't find any models of people to populate my stage/auditorium!

    Question 3) At the moment I'm using the patch window to "Patch" 3d elements. Is this the only way? From the patch window I cannot see any preview of the asset I'm inserting. For example, there are multiple curtains, and I had to patch each type, exit the patch window, so that I could work out what each looked like in the 3d view, then back into the patch window to delete the ones I didn't want.

    Many thanks,


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