Store Phaser in All Preset and Phase/Speed/MATricks values

  • I might be in the wrong direction, but I am trying to record a phaser in order to use it as some kind of template on other fixtures.

    Here is the situation:

    first 5 fixtures: I create a P/T phaser and apply speed/phase to them. Everything is fine and I record it in All preset window as a Global preset mode.

    When I select my 5 next fixtures, and click on the previously made preset, the phaser starts but they won't have any Phase/speed applied.

    What am I doing wrong, or what don't I understand correctly.


  • The idea is not bad and could work. But if you store it as a global preset, then it could only work for the same type of lamps. Is that what you wanted? And the problem might be, that you have stored it for five lamps and not for 10. So the other 5 lamps do not really belong to the phaser of the first five that you already stored as a preset... So your preset could work if you only use 5 Lamps to play with them. But not more...

    And I think if you try to use the new recipies function, than you might be happier. Because it's exactly what the recipies are thought for: To prepare some 'ingredients' and then you can 'cook' them with any kind of 'lamp-soup' you want...

    Or maybe it is another idea to get familiar with the 'MAgic-Function' as well. Because with this function you can 'spread' something (like a phaser e.g.) from pre-used 2 Lamps to the 10 or more lamps ans all will be spreaded over the chosen lamps then.

    So there might be two alternatives to get a more satisfying result perhaps. Sorry, if this might be not the right idea for you, but maybe it is a hint to think 'the other way round...'. I even didn't really 'play around' with these new functions but i watched some Webinars and studied the manual about that a little bit.

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  • Well, my concern is mostly to save time when programming.

    To make it clear, I will give a basic exemple from MA2 motor effect:

    I have a dimmer effect on 10 fixtures, with wing at 2 and a phaser from 0 thru 90.

    I like it and I want to use it later on other fixtures

    Later comes, I can simply copy the effect, select 10 new fixtures and use Take Selection in the effect editor, then make tiny mods.

    Advantages here, all phase values, wing setting and speed are still there, and it took 5 seconds.

    Athough now, I can't manage how to copy a phaser from a group of fixture to another one and keep phase/speed values.I feel like cooking takes a step too much for what could be a little faster.

    But I will keep looking.. Magic-Fonction is not what I am looking for.

    Thanks for the reply.

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  • I think recipes are the answer. You can swop or update the "ingredients" of the recipe and therefore continue to create new Phasers by it. I am struggeling with Speed / Phase in the moment. It should work with recipes! But it also should work with Phasers when you copy them - maybe there is a bug...

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