Call Sequence into programmer

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to recall the output of sequences into the programmer? I know If Output Please Please Please but that also copies home values into the programmer. Is there an easy way?

    To give an easy example for the usecase:

    I got 9 fixtures arranged 3x3

    Sequence 1 will change the color of the first row to red

    Sequence 2 will change the color of the second row to blue

    Both sequence are active and running and I'd like to make a Sequence 3 where only the running sequences will be stored to.

    If Output 3xPlease gives me Sequence 1 plus 2 but also brings the home values of the third row into the programmer.


  • If your not using tracking you could merge the cues from sequence 1 and 2 into a cue in sequence 3 via the syntax commands:

    "copy sequence 1 cue 1 at sequence 3 cue 1 please" (and)

    "copy sequence 2 cue 1 at sequence 3 cue 1 please"

    - then selecting the option to "merge" the second copy into the now pre-existing cue on sequence 3.

    If not this way you can pull values from a cue into the active programmer via simply "editing" the cue ("edit sequence [] cue [] please").

    Hope this is helpful :)

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