"If Output" behaviour

  • I'd like to know why:

    Ifoutput please --> selects all fixt that have dim attribute not at default


    Ifoutput sequence X --> selects all fixt that have, at least, one attribute not at default (not only dim!!!) in sequence X

    it's a different behaviour,if I apply ifoutput to a sequence or if i do it to the entire output!!!!

    For me it's like two different commands....

  • Works the same way in MA2. Actually the MA2 version of the manual explains it better; when used without an argument it selects fixtures with dimmers above zero. When used with a preset or Sequence it selects fixtures with values stored, the key being values not dimmer.

    The MA3 version of the manual says it only works with Sequences and Presets but shows the example with no argument, so I'm guessing it needs an update or perhaps they have more in store for future versions.

    Also I did check, without an argument is based on non-0 dimmer values not non-default. If you set a fixture type to a non-0 dimmer value IfOutput will select it while it is at default.

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