• hi there,

    i using only grandma3 Node on on pc software, is there any solution to use a midi or LTC timecode ? i try using a reaper a midi loop, but i can not find any option to see the midi timedoce input setting like we have in grandma2.....

  • So far it is not possible to select a other midi source.

    That means the midi from the commandwing is selected by default and this can't be changed so far.

    A other way to get timecode into onPC without additional hardware is Art-Net Timecode.

  • I only know TimecodeSender to trigger GrandMa3 on PC over ArtNet and Reaper over MIDI. But is there a way to trigger Ma3 on PC with Reaper over a MIDI loop now?

  • Breaking News! Visit! They have a Timecode Converter from any TC to any TC. And they have a beta Version that is free until 1st July and they are looking for people who will test that!

    And they have a VST-Plugin to that will produce different TCs if You want.

    No, this is not an Advertisment - this is just a help for many of you since V 1.5 ist still not released - and we still don't know for sure if MTC via USB-Midi will work there...

    I hope many of You will love me for that inofrmation! I'm very happy that I have found such a great Tool! As far as I have tested it - the Beta now works fine of cause! :)

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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