coping cue makes "release" values!!!

  • when coping or storing a cue before another cue, that has MIB values in tracking sheet, these MIB values became "release"

    Example: this is my sequence

    I need a cue 5 same as cue 1

    so copy cue 1 at 5 (copysrc Status, cue only, copy)

    and this is the result

    cue 6 has "release" values instead of Blocked values.

    This appens also if I take cue 1 values and store (cue only) cue 5.

    I have this problem in a big rig where fixtures go to reset when their reset attribute became "release" !!!!

    I hope this defect will be soon fixed.

    Thank you

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  • I can’t answer this, but first step While you wait for a fix should be editing the fixture profile of the fixtures which are defaulting to reset so that attribute is not in reset as a default.

  • It is not a attribute default problem, Cues in the sequence have default (no function) values (stored or tracked) for reset channels. It is out of logic because the dmx output for that channels does not change when they became Release!!!

    And I have no others sequences running.

    At the moment I solved by blocking the next cue before coping.

    Any way this tracking behaviour is wrong.


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