Visualiser Colour Issues

  • Hey everyone!

    I am having an issue with one of my show files in which the default open colour for a Martin Quantum Profile is a 3200k CTO and not open white. HOWEVER, this is only occurring in the GMA3's onboard 3D visualiser window, the console is outputting the quantum's open colour correctly to the real fixture. According to my fixture sheet window, no stray colour values are parked and there is no evidence of any 'CTO' colour values being outputted. I have imported Martin Aura XB's into the file, and there open colour is cool white in the visualiser as expected, vastly contrasting the quantums. This issue dose not change when loading the show into the on PC software but does not occur in any of my other GMA3 show files EITHER. I can not for the life of me figure out why this is happening.

    I first noticed this after I loaded my show directly from version 1 into upon updating my console. After gradually importing bits of the troublesome show into a fresh file, the issue seemed to load into the new file with my data pools, perhaps in particular the presets but I am not certain.

    I have attached a photo of a row of quantums with NO colour values being outputted (only dimmer), again of course the real light does no behave like this as the desk is not physically outputting this information however I still have no idea where it's coming from. Any help with the matter would be much appreciated! ;)

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