Importing Exporting Views

  • Hello everyone,

    I want to use my views, which I build in a main show, in a different show, so first I tried just exporting the user profile from the show with the views and import it in a new one, this worked only for maybe 10 views but the rest did not got imported, I thought this was weird, because I expected that I could use all my view with ease since this is what you learn for example in the MA University. So next I tried my luck with the export and import keyword, the export of the views worked fine and the syntax was easy, but when I wanted to import these I could not import all at once, only one at a time, which is a very time intense procedure. So my question is first, why can't I use all my views when exporting the user profile and then importing it and second is there an easy method to import all my view I exported in the other show?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hmm... This is odd, I've never had any issues throwing my user profile around between shows. Did you make sure you profile export was up to date? MA won't automatically update the export as you make changes to your view pool.

    If this issue persists, you could always just duplicate the show file your happy with the views in, start a new data pool, start a new stage in the patch, and this will pretty much reset your file without touching anything in your user profile. You'll also need to delete all the fixtures out of the "fixture types" section off the patch if you truly wish to start fresh with fixtures as well. I know it's messy but it should have a similar effect.

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