Bug & Crash report

  • Onpc system:


    I can't stomp a function.

    1. pressing stomp and then a encoder or by mouseclick.

    2 expected result: you should see stomp on the encoder. but it's empty

    3. if you look at cmd line feedback you can see it says "Stomp encoderpage 2"


    lets say that only screen 2 is active.

    1. you click on screen 2

    2. Expected result: you should get back o default screen, but the system sometimes crashes.

    Please help me with the stomp issue. is there any solution?

    Regards / Q

  • You won't see a "value" of stomp - it activates step 1 and discards steps 2+, so your encoders would be showing you whatever is on step 1.

    As for your crash, can you please contact your local distributor with any crash logs that were generated?

  • Thank you Ryan.

    Question: Has Absolute and Relative (on the encoder) anything (in ma3 philosofy) to do with stomp?

    I can see that it's affected after stomping. But it is not concistent (i can't tell if this feels like a bug or not i have to try it again).

    Maybe a bug:

    1. When i sat down and experemented with stomping, suddenly ma only affected one fixture of a group.

    Like i accedently would have pressed next before.

    2. I did clear the programmer and started over. It did not matter. It only affected one fixture of a group.

    3. I did restart the system. and now it worked again for the whole group.

    I have never seen this issue before in Ma2 or Ma3.

  • You won't see a "value" of stomp -

    How do i preform the equivalet procedure to "ma2 stomp" if MA3 does'nt store the attribute in the programmer.

    The goel is to have a executor whith stomp in it. so it "kills" or "lower" those fixtures in programmer that matchen on that executor.

    Thanks in advance


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  • There is no direct equivalent of a "storable gma2 stomp"

    While gma2 distinguishes between static layer (Value) and dynamic layer (Effect),

    the gma3 distinguishes between absolute layer and relative layer, which both may be static (singlestep) or dynamic (multistep)

    If you use the absolute layer for static values and the relative layer for dynamic values, you could store a single-step relative value of 0, to get a similar behavior/workflow as a gma2 stored stomp-value