Symetrical Circles in 1.4

  • Hi,

    In 1.4 when i try to do a symetrical circle folowing the tip (same way as i do in the previous versions and working) is not working, the Mirror time doesn't work well and the circles are not symetricals.

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  • Works sometimes, but not always...

    Seems that Oopsing of MirrorTime does not work properly in v1.4.

    Please try if you can get a more consistent and expected behavior by directly applying MirrorXaxis, rather than trying first with MirrorTime, oopsing, then applying MirrorXaxis.

    MirrorTime is a function that reverses the step-order, reversing the order of tilt high and tilt low will not preserve symmetry.

    MirrorXaxis is the function you are looking for in this case.

    However when using horizontal points (as suggested by Chieffcrew ) symmetry is preserved with MirrorTime (by reversing the order of pan left and pan right)

    Until the MirrorTime oops bug is fixed, if you need to undo MirrorTime, apply it a second time instead of trying to oops it.