ArtNet-In overrides default values (Matrix)

  • Hi, i have a question about DMX-In via ArtNet.

    As far as i know GrandMa3 does not (yet?) offer Matrix functions like using Animations and Videos. So i tested an external Matrix Software and routed the DMX Data via ArtNet through GrandMa3.

    The Idea is to generally control all Fixtures with GrandMa3 but being able to turn the "Matrix Functions" on and off on any suitable Fixture.

    And it works really fine. Exept the fact that all unused DMX Values in the used Universes are set to Zero. This also affects the default values that are defined in the fixture. It is especially annoying for Moving Lights: GrandMa shows 50% on Pan and Tilt (Default value), but the real values are zero. When i change the values to exactly 50% manually it has no effect. Only after i use another Value like 49% the heads react. Same with the Shutter and all other Functions. The Default values are useless in this situation and i have to change every value manually.

    I already tried to change the "input priority" in the ArtNet-In menu to any value from "lowest" to "super" but with no effect.

    Is there a way to give the default values of the Fixtures a higher priority? Or to just accept selected DMX Values (like RGB) from ArtNet-In and ignore all other values?



  • Hi MrRump. Thank you for this Tip. I had trouble finding this option because i was looking for it in the settings. Found it in the Universe Pool.

    It is almost exactly what i was looking for. Now the Default Values have higher Priority than DMX-In Values. As soon as I set the RGB-Values in GrandMA to Zero the DMX-In Values are visible. When i want to use the GrandMA Values only i have to blackout the DMX-In Values.

    It is definitely better than before. Gonna test different combinations of Settings. Ideal would be a way to keep the DMX-In Values running and just allow or override them in GrandMA. But if that is not possible this Solution is also very good.

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