Changing a default profile parameter?

  • Hey guys, thanks so much for the help the last few months. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to answer all my questions. This community, while small, has been a great help to a lot of people :)

    I'm trying to fix the profile for a Chauvet Legend 330SR Spot. It happens to default to 100% Iris, which it's setting at 100% is a pulse open effect. I would love to have it default at 0%, which is a wide iris setting.

    Messing around in the fixture builder, I haven't been able to figure out how to have it default at 0 instead of 255, without drastically changing the rest of the profile. Any master profile builders out there that could give me a tip on this? Thanks.

  • Hey @Ian Paul,

    this sounds like the fixture type is not correct...maybe the developers of the raw data of the fixture type had a wrong manual, or one with a different firmware...

    Anyway you could export the fixture profile in the "Change Fixture Type" menu. Once you've done this your can import it into the fixture builder and change the tick box for the default value. If you like you can create additional functions in here, to make the fixture type more accurate.