macOS and onPC Command Wing Compatability

  • Hello, Currently looking to replace a Jands based lighting system and came across grandMA3 on PC. We are currently running Jands on an iMac and would like to keep that the same in our next setup. The iMac meets all of the onPC system requirements, however I read on a blog site that the Mac version of onPC only is for preprogramming and you cannot use the command wing or run shows with one. Is that correct? It seems as a number of folks on here do use Mac's and I was wondering if anyone uses onPC for running shows. It would be great if this would all work, but I have had a hard time finding any documentation on the MA website supporting the claim of incompatibility by the blog and just want to do my due diligence.

  • MacOS works perfectly fine with grandMA3 onPC and the grandMA3 onPC command wing (assuming your computer meets the system requirements).

    For some clarification, in the initial grandMA3 product announcement it was stated that onPC for Mac would not be able to output DMX by itself. However, this was changed prior even to the v1.0 software launch.

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