Some questions about the sequences

  • Hi guys. I have some questions for you.

    I was trying to put an executor (also a sequence) in swop mode like in MA2 but I did not get it. Is this possible in MA3? also Kill mode?

    How can I Stomp a running Phaser with an executor? (again, like an a MA2 with a stomp in a temp fader...)

    and the other thing is: Is it possible to record my DMX output, or a content of some cues in to a new cue?

    Thanks in advance

  • Swop and Kill are not implemented yet.

    In the Sequence settings, there's an option for Auto Stomp (bottom of the "Start" column)

    It isn't currently possible to record DMX output (like the Source = Output option on MA2). However, one option would be to change your Use Selection to "All" or "All for Selected" or "Look".

  • Thanks Ryan.

    For the stomp question, what you say it's for some cues in a secuence, rigth? but when I stomp running phasers in the programmer or in other secuences, what would I do to control this phasers whit an executor?

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