Matricks X/Y/Z values in recipes

  • Today I tried to create a bump sequence using recipes only to find out that it is not possible to enter the X/Y/Z values of MAtricks in the recipe. If using a Matrickspool preset with that information in a recipe it also does not use it.

    Is this functionally planned by any chance? It would be really useful to quickly create chases/bump sequences by setting the proper MAtricks properties and then saying in Cue 1 use X1, Cue 2 X2, etc... Also changing direction/using wings on the fly would also become trivial.

    I got around this by creating a macro that imitates cooking (select group, select Preset, Select Matrickspool, Record Cue), but that does seem like it goes against the whole idea of recipes/cooking :S

  • Hello Snabbelicious

    I hope I understand you correctly.

    For me X/Y/Z Values of Matricks work in recipes in Version

    What currently doesn't work is when you store a MATricks Pool Object in the MATricks Pool (Wings 2 and Phase 0 thru 360 as an example).

    And then insert it into the recipe nothing will happen.

    Manually change the phase to 0 thru 360 in the recipe.

    Then you will also see your "Dimmer Effect" with 2 Groups, Blocks, Wings....

    You could also try the following:

    Create your recipe for example in cue 1.

    Edit Cue 1 and open the Programmer Parts Window.

    Unfold/expand Part Zero.

    Now you see your recipe.

    Try to change the number of wings or blocks...

    If you go this way and make changes, don't forget to update your sequence via update (button).


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