MAtricks InvertStyle not working properly when cooking recipes

  • I'm running into some issues using presets and cooking recipes.

    What I am trying to do is to create a color preset where I can change the MAtricks preset used in cooking, by copying another preset into the slot that originally selected. By changing the delaytime and invert options I can make the colors sweep from left to right or vice versa.

    I already figured out I need to set the InverStyle to All withing the MAtricks preset, but for some reason, while the EditOption menu is saying that it is using the proper setting it does not look like it really does when cooking. When I remove the MAtricks from the recipe and input the same information manually all works fine.

    What is also strange is while I can overrule most other MAtricks options in the recipe window, when I try to overrule the InverStyle by selection another option it just stays on <All> (or whatever option is selected in the used MAtricks preset), regardless wich option I click in the dropdown menu.

    Has anyone had similar issues, or am I just doing someting wrong? :D Happy to provide more info if necessary.

  • Yeah, that would be cool if it saved the shuffly ID.

    After some more experimentation I figured out that I can fix my problem by manually setting the InvertStyle option in the EditOption menu of the preset before assigning the MAtricks preset to the recipe. It seems my hunch was right and it uses the original setting from the recipe itself, and not the one from the MATricks preset even though it is displaying the last one in the table...

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