Magic ColorGrid Plugin

  • When you have a crash, please reach out to the tech support or your local distributor.

    Please provide them the show file, the steps to do in order to recreate the crash, and the crash log(s) (if not already uploaded via the world server).

  • Thanks for the file...i took a look at it and it seems that my fixture type discovery is not as good as i thought it to be :/ I will rework this and hopefully find a solution in the next few days.

    This bug seems to be happening on devices with color wheel as in your showfile the VL6000.

    If i am able to fix the issue that breaks the script execution i will also try to add support for several color wheels as in your case you need to use all three of them to get your hands and on a bunch of color options.

  • Ok, hopefully I figured it out and the new fix will work in all scenarios :/

    I had some issues in the detection of the fixturetype as well as in with the colorwheel support. I reworked this and the result seems quiet promising.

    Another bug i had to face were random crashes of the application if the script processes a larger number of groups. To avoid this I had to implement some wait states to give the application time to some other stuff. Hopefully I am able to remove these in a future gma3 release.

    I have noted that my predefined delay patterns only support horizontal delays which do not go down that well with your setup since a lot of your fixtures are aligned vertically. I will see if I am able to add some additional delay patterns for a future version. However, I have to find a way to make sure the user interface will not be overcrowded by too much icons.

    I would appreciate some feedback if that fits your requirements :)

    Release ma3_1.7.22 Fixture name and Race Condition fix Release · Toom3000/ma3_Magic_ColorGrid
    Within this release I have improved the fixture type discovery which caused some fixture types of not being recognized if the names have been changed to custom…