• I'm testing the news in v1.4 and copy a cue into an existing cue.

    I see no difference between 'MERGE' and 'Overwrite (Content)'

    The latter "Overwrites only the content (stored values) of the destination" claims the release notes, but it also overwrites tracked values.

    I was thinking it should work similar to the 'original content only' during update..?

  • Hi Jan

    try the following example to see the difference:

    Fixture 1 Full ; Store Cue 1

    Fixture 2 Full ; Store Cue 2

    Fixture 3 Full ; Store Cue 3

    Copy Cue 1 At 3

    notice in the tracksheet what happens in cue 3 with fixture 3 and fixture 2 respectively, when choosing Merge vs. Overwrite(content) vs Overwrite(status)

  • OK, in my similar but slightly more complex test I did not notice the fixture that disappeared as I was not looking for that ...

    Maybe because I found my interpretation more useful :)

    So another way to describe "Overwrite(Content)" is " Delete all stored values then store the 'source' " ?

    Just as a regular overwrite.. No need to confuse me with the (Content) ;)

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  • While on the subject I'd like to suggest a design change of the dialog box.

    (Might not be 100% correct but you get the picture)

    I believe it would be much easier to use if we break it down to two questions: (Two selection boxes)

    1. What do you want to copy from source cue?

    Select one of three:

    * Content

    * Status

    * Look

    2a. How do you want to store in destination? (Destination does not exist)

    Select one of three:

    * Store, keep tracked values = COPY

    * Store, terminate tracked values with default = COPY (Status)

    * Store, terminate tracked values with release = COPY (Status) Release checked

    2b. How do you want to store in destination? (Destination already exist)

    Select one of four:

    * Merge

    * Overwrite, keep tracked values = Overwrite (Content)

    * Overwrite, terminate tracked with Default = Overwrite (Status)

    * Overwrite, terminate tracked with Release = Overwrite (Status) Release checked

    And ONE big action button to execute!

    (+ Cue Only as a toggle when needed)

    It would be super easy to add options without new check boxes...

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