• I was working for a show with a network of 1GMA, 1 GMA light,
    (the two with 4096 channel) 1 ELC switcher,and 2 nodes ELC
    4 ports dmx.

    When I open the executor sheet and I try to change fade times
    of the cues, with the encoders all the system is locked until the
    fade time is completely changed, sometimes for change times in a cue
    I had to wait 25 seconds.

    The same operation directly from keyboard is perfect.

    Is this a Bug, or there is a problem in my show???

    Best regards

  • For the selected Cue(s) Time is updated for each stored value.
    Then the Cue(s) are streamed via Network to the other Station(s).
    This takes some time.
    Doing this with Encoder, it happens every Encoder Click.
    Doing this with the Keyboard ot Calculator, it happens once.

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