question about network

  • I need for a show 8 dmx lines with a full tracking backup system.

    May I use a system like this:

    Master consolle 1 GMA light 2048 channels 100 m\b card

    Slave consolle 1 GMA light 4096 channels 10 m\b card

    Now I want to use 1 NSP for expand the system to 8 universes,
    and I will connect line 5 thru 8 at the nsp.
    For the universes coming from consolle I will use a ELC node 4.

    My I have some problem with a network like this?

    In case that master consolle is stopped the nsp will work with
    the 10 M\b card.

    I've attach a PDF draw of network

    Thank you

  • Hi!

    if you want to work with NSP in MA-Net Mode all Desks must run 100Mbit Ethernet Cards. So that is not an option for you.
    What you could do is switch your NSP to Artnet-Mode and run the universes 5 thru 8 on that NSP. That can be done in the NSP setup.
    In that case the 4096 Channel desk has to be the master otherwise you don

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