Ma-Net compare to this forum

  • It's really starting to annoy me that every time I come here to look for help or just to see what others are talking about We are faced with more and more crap adds or junk postings that have nothing to do with Ma3.
    Never noticed this in all the years of using ma-net.
    I know both Forums are ran by different administrators,
    Any way to get the ma-net guys to look after this forum as well.
    Seems Ma is focused on releasing hardware bits than taking care of the software and online help sections.
    Spread bit too thin me thinks.
    I rather ma-net deal with forums and welcome the object oriented discussions instead of passing or clearing flags to erection crap every day I visit this site.

  • I just deleted a whole bunch of posts.

    The spam still pollutes the UI, they just appear with a trashcan icon instead of the users avatar, and are no longer clickable.

    if moderators doesn't have permission to full/permanent deletion, could you additionally move the spam-threads to a dummy subforum, so they actually disappear and get out of the way ?

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