Using MAgic preset and MAtricks in Recipes to create symmetrical movements

  • This is amazing, thanks Andreas! I'd wondered if it might be possible to achieve this with MAgic, but I didn't have the time to investigate it. Thank you so much for figuring this out!

  • Be aware that MAgic presets (currently) are applied globally, not universally

    In my example video, I only have quantum's patched, so there's no problem.

    But if you add fixtures of other types, the MAgic preset needs to include the same data for the other fixturetypes, to work "multi-global"

    e.g. with my original magic sample fixtures 6&7 and new fixturetypes added, with fixture IDs from 101 and from 201:

    Clone Fixture 6 + 7 At Fixture 101 + 102 + 201 + 202 If Preset 2.1 EndIf /O