Networking issue

  • Hi guys,

    I have been having problems connecting the onpc software to my console since I updated both of them to version 1.2. I am using a cat 5 ethernet cable directly from the pc to the console. In the onpc software, the network interface was set to local area connection 2. This always worked perfectly before updating to 1.2. Now I have to set the network interface to local area connection 1 for the devices to recognize each other, but when I try to connect them, the console reboots and the onpc software loads up an empty show file. I recently updated both the console, and the onpc software to version and the first time I tried to connect them, it worked perfectl, but now it has started acting up again. I am logged in as administrator on the pc, windows 10... Shouldnt be any networking issues on the pc.. firewall is open to the software.

  • Hi Robbie,

    to make sure that this is not a general problem I've tested this here with my Win10 laptop and a dot2 XL-F console. It works perfectly! I've done only two things on the PC:
    - disabled all network adapter except the ethernet connection which I want to use
    - enabled IPv6 for this network adapter

    Maybe it is the best if you contact our Distributor ACT. They are responsible for the support of the US market and looking forward to help you.


  • I have similar problems. I solved it the following way:
    - connect console and laptop
    - boot console
    - start onpc
    - start new session onPC
    - add Console to session
    (console reboots and onPC open an empty showfile...idk why)
    - load show via onPC works.

    Tested it in different ways. The only way it works is, if you load the showfile via onPC. If you use a Stick you can stick it in the console after you load the showfile via onPC.

  • Shouldnt be any networking issues on the pc.. firewall is open to the software.

    Be aware that any firewall-rules applies to individual executables, not to the software in general.

    when you install a new version of onPC, you will need to make new rules for this specific version in your firewall.