MATricks, Phase problem- Vers.

  • Hey there,

    I am wondering about a specific behaviour of the new MATricks with the Phase function.

    I create a simple Dimmer Chase with no Transition and store it as a preset.

    I call the preset and set the Phase in the Encoder Bar from 0 thru 360 and everything works fine. (As you see in the selection grid)

    Now the same with the MATricks window. I call the preset and set the Phase from 0 thru 360 in the MATricks. But now the Phase is not distributed the same way like via the encoder bar.
    The last Fixture on X Axis starts the same time like the first Fixture on X Axis.

    When i change the phase to 0 thru 320, the first fixture starts AFTER the last fixture - as it's supposed to be, i guess.

    Do you have the same behaviour? Is it something new i don't understand / can not figure out? :D
    Of cause, this is the same with presets that get their phase values in a receip.

    (I use the OnPC on a Windows PC.)

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  • Phase 0 and Phase 360 are the same point on a loop (360 degrees in a circle). Typically when you say a phase range of 0..360, you don't actually want the first and last fixtures to be at 0 and 360 - you want the spacing spread evenly across the entire range. So for example with 12 fixtures you would want the last fixture to actually have a phase value of 330 (360/12 = 30, so 0,30,60...270,300, 330).

    When you, for example, use the {0 to 360} button in the Phase calculator the console is actually doing some calculation in the background to space out the fixtures in this fashion (so that the last fixture isn't doing the same thing as the first).

    Currently, this automagic calculation doesn't work in the MAtricks Layers (or corresponding Recipe) settings - that part hasn't been implemented yet. Right now, you're actually defining the phase values of the first and last fixture (or rather, the first and last selection grid positions), rather than the range across which everything should be spread.

  • I noticed something very similar yesterday messing around.

    I noticed that somewhere along the way the selection grid gets messed up, causing something similar to what you are seeing.

    First I select 10 fixtures and make a two step:

    • 1 thru 10 at 0
    • next step
    • at full
    • store preset 1.1
    • Clearall
    • SelFix Preset 1.1
    • At Preset 1.1

    So far so good

    Now with this phaser running I adjust the phase:

    • At Phase 0 thru 360 (I can never remember how to do this on the command line)
    • Store Preset 1.2
    • clearall
    • SelFix Preset 1.2
    • At Preset 1.2

    Notice the selection grid starts at 2 now. Also notice preset 2 has the dreaded Universal, Global Selective.

    If I edit Preset 2 it looks like Fixture 1 isn't even selected

    Technically 0 and 360 refer to the same instant in the phase, so perhaps there is some backend math that is done to "zero base" the phase?

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