• Hello I was exported color preset which i recorded as UNIVERSAL to the drive [ named it "mycolor"]

    when I import it to a new show it was imported but not taking control to the new show fixture.

    what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you

  • I've also run into this and the issue seems to be that Universal is perhaps partially baked.

    For example.

    • Patch a single LED Tile
    • Set it's color
    • Long Press Store and change preset more to Universal
    • Store Preset 4.1 (shows as UG)
    • Export Preset 4.1 "MyColor"
    • Make a new show
    • Patch a single LED Par
    • Import Preset 4.1 "MyColor" (again shows as UG)
    • Preset does not work on the LED Tile

    To fix this:

    • Edit Preset 4.1
    • Clone Global 1 at global thru /o
    • Update (choose ok)

    The reason this works is because the Universal fixture is always Global 1 so cloning it to all the global fixtures copies the universal data to all the global fixtures (that have that attribute).

    Since it feels like the Universal Fixture (Global 1) is currently not working there is no need take the extra step of storing as universal but it just makes it consistent.

    There is probably a much easier way but I found this works.

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