• So I'm either misunderstanding how MAgic works or I'm doing it wrong.

    Simple Example:

    Fixture 1 Blue

    Fixture 2 Red

    Fixture 3 Green

    When I call this MAgic preset it skips blue all together.

    I kind of expected blue to align from 100 to 0 over 1/2 of the selected range something like this:

    Preemptive Edit:

    Before I posted this I realized my mistake. Instead of selecting each fixture one at a time (apparently I'm lazy), I lasso selected the three fixtures from left to right in the 3D window, waiting too long and getting perspective selection. Even though the fixtures had ample room for whatever reason the selection grid showed 1 and 3. 1 and 2 were on top of each other so I guess the first one, blue, was ignored.

    If I quickly lasso (thus getting planar) or lasso in the fixture sheet it works as expected.

    Anyway incase someone makes the same mistake as me.

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