• Hello,

    I have the following problem with the network in GrandMa3:

    I start a session from my PC with my Comand wing (normally by giving a HostName, Session Name, Location and the correct Interface). I then connected my MacBook, which also has the software on it (and of course the same software update), via network cable. On my MacBook, I then enter the correct data under Network and connect to the other computer. It also seems as if the two devices are connected to each other. But nothing synchronises and on my onPC with the comand wing the status in the top right-hand corner remains IdleMaster.

    But when I restart the software on the PC with the comand wing, then suddenly the two devices connect without any problems and are also synchronised. However, my MacBook then becomes the GlobalMaster (blue) and my onPC with the comand wing becomes the connected device (green).

    However, I would like to have my onPC as the GlobalMaster.

    I have tried restarting with both devices, but only when I restart my onPC with the comand wing do the two devices connect.

    I hope I have explained my problem clearly and that someone can help me.



  • Is the Master Priority of both Stations the same? And what is it?

    Did you start the Network functionality on both stations after you set the settings? (On/Off button down right)
    Do you see both stations in the network window (dropdown onPC) on the cmd wing PC?

    If the MasterPriority is set to normal for both stations, the station which is longer online will become the global master and the other connected. (correct me if i am wrong) This would explain the second behaviour (that the MacBook becomes global master)

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