Networking issues

  • Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing network connectivity issues with

    Here is my setup on a wired and isolated network. All stations and devices running

    MA3 Light on IP

    onPC (windows) on IP

    MA onPC 8 Port node on IP

    1) Start up all devices and they all show up in Menu>Network on console.

    2) Start a session on the console and I invite the onPC station into the session. It joins OK

    3) As soon as it joins the node disappears from the Network window on the console.

    4) Dismiss the onPC from the session and is too disappears from the network window on the console permanently (until console restart)

    Ok, so now I go to the onPC computer (I have a wing connected).

    All three devices are showing in the Network window on the onPC program. Although the console has an active session running it is not shown in green within the network window (not sure if it did ever or should).

    1) Highlight the console and 'Join session' successfully, This makes the onPC station re-appear on the console in the network window.

    2) Highlight the Node and invite station. It joins for a second and then disconnects but remains visible in the onpc network window. It still doesn't appear on the console in the Network window.

    I have re-installed onPC (and wiped all previous versions).

    I have re-installed the console software.

    I have yet to try re-installing the software on the node.

    This setup was working perfectly with the previous software, very stable indeed but I have so far not been able to successfully get all three devices into one session.

    Ryan, any thoughts??


  • Yes on all counts Ryan.

    I did manage to get it all running together but it involved inviting the onPC station into the session from the console and then inviting the node into the session from the onPC station. Seemed pretty stable for the hour that I had it running.

    Still was not able to invite the node from the console directly.

    It also appeared that the network view on the console was taking a very long time to refresh, as in it would sit there for a very long time, if not indefinitely, and not show either the onPC machine or the node.

    As soon as I joined the onPC station into the session, via the network window within onPC, it would immediately appear within the console's network view. Same when I added the node from the onPC machine.

    I also got a lot of messages within the console activity log relating to session slots being terminated when the node would disappear from the session. If there is a way for me to extract the log I would happily send it to you.

    Just seems something is a little odd since updating.

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