Crash when rezise screen

  • Hi everybody.

    I have an issue with 1.4 onpc. When I open the fourth screen and try to resize the windows, MA crash every time.

    I am running on an recent alien-ware (i9 5Ghz, RTX 2080 8 Go, 32Go Ram). Even with an empty show.

    Do you have the same trouble?

  • Nice advice for the integrated UHD.

    After select RTX in nvidia control panel for MA3, I have succeed to open the seven screens of GMA3. However, If I attempt to resize the windows in an external screen, it crash. I have 3 external screens, 2 on main RTX connectors, 1 on USB-C Adapter. The only cause I see is the Frequencies. My main screen is 144Hz, and All others 60Hz.

    Maybe It is that the problem.

    Any idea?